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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:   I sent in my renewal but haven't receivd my new license and my old license is expired . Can    
                   I work as an RDA (RDH, dentist) with the expired license?
Answer:      Check the Breeze (Ca.gov) website. When the license appears on their website, you can work. Just  
                    print a copy and carry it with you.

Question:   Busy Bee Dental Staffing sent me out for a temporary day. The office asked for my phone 
                   number.  A month later the office called and asked me to work. Am I required to call you?
Answer:      Yes, you are. When you register, you sign a contract stating that you will call on any further 
​                   employment offers you receive whether it be permanent or temporary.  You are under contract      
                   for one year.  This does not apply to jobs you get on your own or through another agency.

Question:   I was sent out on a job that was scheduled for 8am to 5pm. I worked until 5:45pm. Do I get 
Answer:      Yes, all State laws apply when doing temporary work.

Dental Offices

Question:  Are wages paid by the agency?
Answer:     No, all wages, and taxes are the responsibility of the dental office. The temporary candidate 
​                  becomes an employee of the dental office for the day(s) they work.

​Question:  Can a hygienist be paid a daily rate?  
Answer:      No.  State law requires a hygienist be paid an hourly rate.

Question:   An unemployment form was sent to our dental office. The RDA worked only one day. Are we 
                   obligated to complete the form. Isn't her former employer responsible?
Answer:      Some individuals do temporary work while unemployed. They are required to give the State 
                   the names of all dental offices where they work, even if it's for a day. You may be responsible 
                   for a small amount, but the majority will be the responsibility of the former employer.

Question:   I want to hire an RDA who was sent through Busy Bee Dental Staffing 3 months ago. What is 
                   the next step?
Answer:      The next step is to give us a call. A provision of your contract is that you call when any 
                    additional employment is offered whether it be temporary or permanent. This provision 
                    remains in effect for 1 year after the last date the individual worked.

Question:   When an RDH was placed through the agency for a temporary day, we got her phone number. 
                   We want to call her occaisionally to work temp days. Do we need to call the agency since we 
                    are placing her ourselves?
​Answer:      Yes, you are under contract for one year after the last date the individual worked.

Question:    I am working an RDA for 1 temporary day.  Am I required to give breaks?  
Answer:       Yes, all State Laws pertain to temporary employees.